Hpoz In Hancock Park

HPOZ in Hancock Park: A Brief History of the Affluent Neighborhood

Hpoz In Hancock ParkOne would certainly question why was the designation of HPOZ in Hancock Park even declared? As much of a surprise as it may seem, the affluent neighborhood which has always enjoyed prominent status throughout Los Angeles' history is indeed an integral part of the region's history. The region is home to some essential landmarks, which shows you the historical importance of this neighborhood. Knowing a bit more about this region's history will enlighten you regarding the designation of HPOZ in Hancock Park.

Located in the original Rancho La Brea neighborhood, Hancock Park was bought in 1863 by Major Henry Hancock. Major Hancock's own son took over the development of the area's residential subdivision in 1920. G. Allan Hancock called upon the most well known architects of that era to create impressive designs including palatial two-story residences, single family residences, as well as several types of homes including English Revival, Period Revival, Tudor Revival, Mediterranean Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, American Colonial Revival, and Monterey Revival. All of these properties were designed specifically for the Los Angeles society's most influential members. This explains a lot about the HPOZ in Hancock Park.

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