Historic Preservation In Socal

Historic Preservation in SoCal: What Is the Situation As Of Now?

Historic Preservation In SocalDespite having a rich and glorious past which has filled the region with all kinds of historical landmarks, the cities situated in Southern California have over time failed to give these essential pieces of history their due importance. As there are always two sides to a story, the topic has been divided between those who support the history and want to see it preserved, and those who want to move forward to the future and build better structures over these landmarks. This is the main reason why historic preservation in SoCal has always been a heated debate. However, the harsh times of major controversies and quarrels have passed as historic preservation in SoCal has finally been able to see some positivity.

More recently, the city of Los Angeles officially announced that historic preservation in SoCal would be given its due importance, due to which several properties located in the region which have historic status (i.e. have existed on the map of the city for a long time or have been built by any “master” architects) will be up for preservation. Doing so will help assure that any parties looking to demolish these properties and build new constructions over them will be banned from doing so. Therefore, it is safe to say that the historical landmarks in Southern California have finally been granted their due importance and respect and will now remain a part of the region's history instead of being demolished.

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