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Investment Opportunity Detail

Is your money parked at the local bank earning 1/2-2% per annum?

Do you want high returns but not tenant-toilet-termite headaches?

Do you want your money to be fully secured?

You can loan your hard earned dollars and earn up to 10% annually.

Your loan can helps rebuild neighborhoods, create jobs and make money for everyone involved.


  1. Profit without ownership.
  2. Cash Flow
  3. Equity
  4. No management
  5. No Time, Toilet or Tenants

This strategy is for those who like real estate paper but not the property. To learn more about

how you can park your money securely and profitably, fill out the application below.

When investing in real estate most investors have to deal with acquisition, rehabbing, financing, finding tenants, maintaining the property, dealing with tenants, collecting rent and all the other headaches of owning real estate.

We have a unique program that is perfect for Private Equity and Individual Investors without the hassle. We provide our partners a truly unique, very safe, turn-key, investment opportunity with high rate of return that is conservatively leveraged by tangible value.

How do we create Value?

  • Right place, Right time, Right solution, this is how our investor/partner program is because: we handle the acquisition at fair market priced properties; we make sure that the properties are done to the highest quality whether it’s a new home or a fully remodeled property ; we give you INSTANT EQUITY on the property.
  • We have recently partnered with private equity investors which created phenomenal results. Our investor/partner program has provided our investors with significant return on their investment.

How do we Protect You as The Investor?

  • Private Mortgage Promissory Note signed at time of investment.
  • A first or second mortgage recorded with the local county office.
  • Certificate of hazard insurance policy naming you as additional insured.
  • Title insurance.
  • Every project is incorporated as a single asset entity with its own specified bank account.

How do we Protect Your Principal 1st Mortgage Program?

  • We never borrow more than 80% Loan-to-Value (or Investment-to-Value), we create additional cushion by building in equity by rehabbing the property.
  • Our core strength is we are focus in a very small geographic area. We know the values in our market much better than the sellers, realtors and, in most cases, our competition, this extensive knowledge and our private funding gives us the leverage to pay cash and drive bargains and profits for us and our partners. This advantage is what allows us to pay you the private partner 8% to 10% versus bank CD’s at 2% to 3%.

Private Lender Program Payments:

  1. We will make monthly payments if you like a monthly income. (8%) Or
  2. The interest accrues until the house is sold and you get one check for principal and interest.(10%)

The Next Step?

By now you know how this program works and how you can earn 10% starting today. You have two options:

  1. Option one – Do nothing. If this isn’t for you, can you give us names of folks that you feel it would better serve?
  2. Option two – Set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss more details. We hope you decide to join our team

Thanks for your Time! I really appreciate you taking valuable time out of your busy day to view this opportunity I look forward to doing business with you!

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